Our Customers Are Fans

Skin Cleaning
"I bought Tulii to brighten my skin but the biggest difference I’ve noticed is how clean my skin looks and feels. At my last facial my esthetician couldn’t stop commenting on how much cleaner my skin was. After just 3 weeks of using Tulii! I have oily skin so I was initially worried about applying 'oil' to my skin. But my skin literally drinks the oil as I apply it so I never feel oily." – Simon, 33, So Te Serum

Skin Soothing

"I had a horrible outbreak of Shingles. I tried everything and nothing will ease the pain and irritation or reduce the swelling. My daughter suggested that I try Tulii oil, and within three days my arm was completely healed. This is oil is amazing and I can’t say enough good thing this product." – Kate, 58, Dawa Kali Serum

Itch Relieving
"Tulii oil is an amazing find! Nothing else was helping my itchy winter skin, but Tulii oil left it smooth, moist and clear." – Havah, 35, Dawa Kali Serum

Even Textured, Bright, Clear, Healthy Skin

"It works. My skin has never looked this good and healthy. It's even textured, bright and clear. It even helps with some discoloration on my chin. I don't have to wear makeup anymore." – Felica, 32, So Te Serum

Breakout Free and Glowing
"Having tried a number of luxury skincare products from around the world, I am so thrilled to report that the product that has given me the best results is from Tanzania and made here in New York. Within just a week, I began to notice that my skin was free from new breakouts, more even, and possessing a certain glow that I typically only had after a long vacation. I’m never going back!" – Felica, 32, So Te Serum

Natural Skincare "Holy Grail"
"When you exclusively use green beauty products like me, finding a new "holy grail" product is exciting. That's how I feel about Tulii serum. In green beauty, a small percentage of the products are effective. An even smaller percentage of the products can boast clinical-strength effectiveness. With Tulii, I feel the serum working immediately, and I saw effects overnight. I'll never be without it." – Jenelle, 42,  So Te Serum