Our brand

Tulii is a pioneer in natural skincare, the only innovative, plant-based serums with naturally occurring amino acids—the  building blocks of protein— which are unique to the Moringa Tree. We source these amino acids from Tanzanian Moringa leaves and seeds. Rich in organic antioxidants, our all-natural botanical serums boost essential nutrients and fatty acids. The optimized formula incorporates other natural oils to achieve targeted, anti-aging skin-health benefits while addressing dry skin conditions, including eczema and seasonal or recurring dryness, flaking, or itching.

Our Philosophy

Tulii is Swahili for calmly, and that is how we approach skincare.

Calm skin is best achieved and maintained by naturally restoring the balance of essential elements in the skin’s deepest layers. The Tulii natural-delivery mechanism nourishes the deepest layers of our skin without synthetic solvents or fillers, that can irritate and damage our skin. Due to its small molecular structure, Moringa oil has a natural and unique ability to quickly penetrate skin.

Tulii’s skincare products are all-natural, organic, fair-trade, and direct from the Moringa Tree.

The Magic of Moringa

Tulii is unique because it uses Moringa leaves — the most potent part of the tree. A superfood for skin used since ancient times in Africa, Moringa’s nutrient-rich properties contribute to calm, youthful skin.

Also called “The Tree of Life,” the Moringa Tree has existed for centuries as a miracle powerhouse plant with multiple vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that aid in anti-aging. It’s the only plant whose leaves contain amino acids, and Tulii is the only skincare brand on the market to utilize these powerful leaves. Tulii harvests  leaves at the optimal time to ensure that their vitamin content is at its peak. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, support natural skin functions, including helping to fight fine lines. The Moringa Tree has been clinically proven and tested to promote truly effective, all-natural solutions to skincare.