Behind the Brand

Tulii was born from a simple insight: Beautiful skin can be achieved calmly, naturally, and without harsh, synthetic solvents. Ethical entrepreneurs Margaret Ackah-Yensu (a British-trained aesthetician) and Rose Aziz (a biochemist, botanist, and skincare expert) brought this vision to life with the launch of Tulli in Fall of 2018.

While attending NYU, Margaret had a vision of using natural oils for skincare, noting various possibilities on a spreadsheet of ingredients. Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced her to Rose, who had returned to Tanzania after working for beauty giants such as Proctor & Gamble. After returning to Africa, Rose spent two decades pioneering natural Moringa-based remedies for curing skin conditions and improving health.

Using her scientific expertise, Rose tapped into the history and culture of natural African remedies. When Margaret experienced firsthand the Moringa Tree-derived skincare remedies Rose was experimenting with, the results were so remarkable that the two formulated their partnership. “I talked to Rose about creating a product that targeted specific conditions, and underwent rigid testing. I wanted the brand to be approached like medicine and to be gimmick-free,” Margaret says. Margaret conducted one test herself at home, addressing her daughter’s eczema. In a matter of days, her child’s condition completely cleared up.

Combining Rose’s experience developing natural, plant-based remedies for various skin conditions, including for burn patients, with Margaret’s background as an organic aesthetician, they launched Tulii with the intent to shift the way we approach caring for our skin — a paradigm grounded in efficacy and practicality. Tulii’s products are proof that efficacy can be achieved using all-natural ingredients and that practicality and social-consciousness can co-exist.

Tulii products were originally developed to treat burn victims in East Africa and now have been formulated to address concerns for various skin types. Tulii upholds its commitment to a purely organic effective treatment unburdened by lab-produced enhancements or preservatives.

Tulii Skincare is poised to disrupt the marketplace with a scientifically sound organic product. For Margaret, this is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Thinking back on her path, she says one thing she carries with her forever is her sense of roots and purpose to give back. “Rose and I have a commitment to social entrepreneurship and a desire to uplift and support marginalized women,” she says. “We view our brand to be a social cause on a business platform."

Tulii Founders

Rose is a pioneer in developing natural personal care products and heads TULII’s product development team. Prior to relocating to Tanzania, she held R&D and product development roles for several cosmetics brands. Rose received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and MBA from Howard University

Tulii Founders

Margaret brings more than 18 years of skincare expertise; she’s helped skincare brands launch & scale in medical and traditional spas and is a CIBTAC certified Esthetician. Margaret holds a BA in Anthropology from NYU and has worked as a fashion model with Elite Model Management